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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twilight Series

This is my post for the Twilight Book Series. For the movie, click here.

Obsession. That's just one word to decribe what I feel about this 4-book series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) created by the talented Stephenie Meyer. I just finished all four two nights ago, and I can't wait for the movie that's coming out on November 21 (Previously Dec. 11).

What it's about? Well, it's a love story about an ever-so-ordinary girl (Bella Swan) who falls in love with this "beautiful" guy (Edward Cullen). Ok... so what's so special about that? Well, that's cause the guy happens to be a vampire! Although he calls himself a vegetarian (in a vampire sense, meaning he only drinks animal blood, not human), his true nature (of thirst) makes it hard to make something more out of their just-avoid-each-other relationship. Will true love really conquer all? Will it? Are you sure?
This series isn't just really focused on romance at all, it has action, angst, family, friendship, etc.

Read the book if you wanna know more about what happens. (I an't givin' out no spoilers!)

Check out these links:
Author's Offical Website (more info on the books also available here)
Twilight the Movie Official Website (watch the trailers and find out who stars as who here)

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Beth said...

kool i love this book so far even though i am only on paeg 140 but i thik it is relly good so ya its kool i cant wait to see the movie!