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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never underestimate the.... ROMANTIC PRINCESS

Review was made about 5 months ago... XD

A lot of people have been telling me to watch this Taiwanese series. (Thanks especially to Ate MJ of the W.I.T.C.H. Board) I have been very busy with other stuff (Other dramas on top of the list, reality, etc.), and finally I decided to watch it. I watched all 13 episodes (each is an hour long) in one day. I didn't do it straight, I took breaks and cut myself some slack for a couple of hours.

But boy, don't ever try that. Your eyes will hurt like crazy. (Not that this is my first time doing so). Ok, so now you're thinking, "Why the heck would you do that?"

Here's my answer: I liked this show and I had nothing else to do. The show simply didn't give me suspensing cliffhangers at the ends of each episode, but it just got me hooked.

The story's about a girl named Xiao Mei (played by Angela Zhang) who has been brough up by a middle-class couple whom she thought were her real parents until her grandfather suddenly shows up and wants her to live in her "real" home. And guess what? The father happens to be the richest man in Asia (as the story portrays it, I think he's just a teeny bit less rich than Mr. Gates).

During her 17-year absence in the family, the grandfather, all alone since her parents had died, took up four male candidates for the position of successor (just in case). One of the four is Jin (played by Wu Chun), who treats her like an intruder. At first, it appears that he sees her as a rival, but we soon find out that he just wants to get away and gain independence from the grandfather. He knows, however, that it is very likely that he and the newlyfound grandaughter will be forced to get engaged and when that happens, it'll be impossible to escape.

Unfortunately for his initial plan, he starts to develop feelings for the girl who's just trying to get away as well; and the feeling is mutual. BWAHAHAHA...

The show had high ratings in Taiwan and I can see why. The show is loveable and though I'm not really a big fan of Angela Zhang, I can say that I enjoyed watching her and especially Wu Chun... he's so handsome! Hehe... The plot is cute and the setting is very appropriate, though I see some aspects that are too grand and exagerrated.

Still, I recomend you all to watch this show!

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