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Sunday, October 5, 2008


GATEWAY is an online game that tests your logic skills with different types of puzzles. Most of them are pretty interesting, and it's, on the whole, a fun game (if you're bored).

The game has ten short (although, time-consuming, depending on how much time it takes you to solves the puzzle) but different logic 'brainteasers.'

To skip the tutorial, click options in the main menu and you have the option to turn tutorial off.
Here are the explanations for them. I warn you, DON'T READ BEYOND THIS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS!!!

Level One

Just walk through the walls using your mouse and press the button to open the door. If you can't go move on, I'll wonder what the heck is wrong with you.

Level Two also SO easy that if you don't solve it, I again, might have to wonder what is wrong with you. Just walk to the stairs and pick it up. Walk to the spot where it's obvious you'll need them. Notice the stairs icon on the top-left corner of the game (happens when you pick things up.) Drag it onto that spot and let go of the mouse. Voila! The stairs are in position so just walk through, push the button, and move on the to next level.

Level Three

Again, not much difficulty here. Just walk to the table and pick those two things up. Drag one of the icons on the left on top of the other and make a remote control. Then, drag that remote control icon onto the player and the door will open. Just keep walking and go to the next one.

Level Four

Finally, some brain-teasing. This one IS tricky. But I finally figured out that just press the first and last buttons and you're good. (Make sure you haven't pressed any buttons before, or it messes it up) Then just walk through, press, and go.

Level Five

See the color pattern on top of the other door? If you keep stepping on the steps you'll change the colors. Change it until it matches that pattern. (I recommend you do the innermost rectangle first, so you won't change it when you walk to the door.) When it finally matches, the door will open and you can go on.

Level Six

Look through the telescope. Move around and you'll see the robot who was sitting on the couch will look at you and spell 'PEEPEr'. If you notice, backwards, the letters look like the numbers 739339. Press the game and you'll go out of the telescope. Go down the stairs, and press that button. Use the numbers and the door will open. You are now free to move on.

Level Seven

Push the first plank and walk. Notice that the in the middle change. Keep on stepping on them so that the two colors are the same (It doesn't matter which). Then, go back to the first door, enter it and you'll see you went through the second door. Now push the 2nd plank down and have the coloured floors go back to the way they were (no colors). Then, go through the second door again and you are now in the next level.

Level Eight

This one can be VERY time-consuming. But all you really have to do is put the pearls in the right boxes. First, pick all of them up. Then, (Make sure you're in front of the boxes) place the LARGE pearl into the first box, the MEDIUM pearl into the 2nd, the HUGE pearl in the 3rd, the TINY pearl in the 4th, the BIG pearl in the 5th, and last but definitely not the least (well, maybe..) the SMALL pearl in the last/6th box. The stairs are now in order and you're good to go.

Level Nine

This one was pretty easy, until you get to the part when you have to get the code for the keypad.. Go tot he TV. Pick up the screw driver. Walk to the service hatch (the rectangle near the outlets) and drag the screw driver on it. It'll say you unscrewed it. Then, open it and get the extension cord. Then, pick up the TV plug and drag the its icon to the extension cord's icon (or vice versa) on the top-left. Walk in front of the outlet and plug-in the TV by dragging the new icon to it. Watch the Tv and press the channels. if you follow the walking robot, you'll see that she walks (in order) from rooms in channels 9, 5, 4, 2, 7, and 1. Then, exit the from the TV and walk to and press the keypad. Use the numbers (954271). The door will open and you can go.

Level Ten

This level took so long for me to figure out. It was a matter of playing with the colors. Step on the floors to change their colors. This is the color pattern: top left should be green, top center is pink, then the top right is yellow; bottom left should be blue (a.k.a. cyan) bottom center is purple (or violet), and bottom right is the last color, which is orange. (Someone actually later told me that it had something to do with the number of blinking of the light bulbs. But I am too lazy and busy to check it out again.)

After you follow the pattern, a small elevator will appear at the center of the room. Click on it and your player will go there and leave. Credits roll and you see "To be continued..."



And there is a Gateway II! (Which I will provide the SPOILERS + SUMMARY to some other time. ---I do have a life!---)

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