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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Again... Late, but FROG PRINCE!!!!

a.k.a. Prince Who Turn Into A Frog...
This time, it's Taiwanese! XD
This review was made about 8 months ago... XD


Prince Who Turns Into A Frog, simply known as Frog Prince, is the #1 mostly highly rated show in Korea, with a highest peak of 69.3%, and I'm not surprised why. This series is about a poor schemer named Ye Tian Yu. She dreams of marrying a handsome, rich prince in order to give her family a better life. In a series of events, Tian Yu "accidentally" runs Shan Jun Hao, a rich and handsome but ruthless and spoiled CEO to a hotel chain, over. Now with amnesia, Jun Hao is given a name: Dang Ou, is said by Tian Yu that he is his illegal cousin, and lives with Tian Yu and her family. Eventually, love starts to blossom between the two. And just when they were falling for each other, Jun Hao's fiancee Yun Xi, and the sweet guy who likes her, Zi Quan,comes back to get Jun Hao back. And after an accident, Jun Hao' memory as Dango erases and he is back as his old coldhearted self. Tian Yu tries to give him his memory of Dang Ou back, but he just thinks she is lying. Meanwhile, Zi Quan, brokenhearted since Jun Hao is back with Yun Xi, gets close to Tian Yu as he believes her words. The two agreed to fight for their love, but if the fail, they try dating each other. Meanwhile, Jun Hao, seeing the two close, gets pretty confused for his feelings for Tian Yu and starts to get his memory back. See what happens next in this charming modern Taiwanese remake of the classic fairytale.

Prince Who Turns Into Frog Opening -

Opening Song: Enchanting Trick by 183 Club


Ming Dao as Shan Jun Hao
Sam Wang as Xu Zi Qian
Chen Qiao En as Ye Tian Yu

Zhao Hong Qiao as Fan Yun Xi
Gino as Zhang Ming Han
Su Li Xin as Su Li Xin
Wang Juan as Chen Jin Zhi
Li Dai Ling as Jiang Cai Yue
Huang Yu Rong as Li Da Wei
Zhao Shun as Tang Shun Ming
Cheng Bo Ren as Li Tong Luo
Anthony as Ye Zheng Zhe
Yun Zhong Yue as Shan Yao Rong
Lu Man Yin as Wu Yue Jiao / Wu Feng Jiao
Qiu Long Jie as Tong Hua Shun
Na Wei Xun as Chuan Yu Nan
Hu Pei Wei as Wang Pin Sheng
Yang Hao as Gary
Yan Xing Shu as Xie Quan
Jacky Zhu as Huang Mai Ke
Sun Xing

What I Think:

This is the first Taiwanese series I've ever watched in Taiwanese (most of Tdramas I've watched were dubbed). I understood it through English subtitles. As I may have already typed, this is the highest rated show in Taiwan (as of now). Anyways, I think this drama is outstanding. The cast is great, and the OST, which contains songs from 183 Club and 7 Flowers, the4 main characters' groups, is good, too. I love the scenes whereDang Ou/Jun hao is fighting for Tian Yu, but what I hate about this is there is too much drama sometime, like when Yun Xi gets paranoid after her divorce with Jun Hao, I mean I know you love him, but isn't it a bit too much to get so crazy about it that you need to see a doctor? But overall, I think this is a fantastic show, and I do recommend it.

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