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Thursday, September 4, 2008

American Election.

I am pretty sure that right now, Uncle Sam wants you to decide.
First, I think I am taking a way too big and more mature-like (for me, at least... ^_^) topic, but I keep wondering who'll win the presidential election especially now that I have finished (not all parts) of both the Democratic and Republican Conventions. McCain or Obama? (Not that I'm excluding all other nominees, but those two are the most debated and popular).

I've been hearing a lot of comments saying the pro's and con's of each nominee, but voters please remember that:

NO ONE can ever be the PERFECT president.
We should NOT base our choice on one person's race and/or age, as well as gender.
(Speaking of race, I have once dicussed with someone that just because one person looks like a certain race, it dun mean he is more of that race. For example, one person may have 3 Caucasian grandparents and 1 African American grandparent. If he/she is born inheriting the one grandparent's appearance, he is still more technically, despite his appearance, Caucasian. So people, should race REALLY matter?)
Your vote should be YOUR OWN choice. (In other words, dun just vote cause your mom, boyfriend, or someone chooses that person. Every vote counts. Don't waste. Make sure that that vote is really your own choice, and not something someone chose for you.)

Who am I to say this, one young lady who can't even vote yet? Well, I'm just speaking as a fair citizen. And whoever said you had to listen to what I said anyway? =_=


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