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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cute Little Mokey Girl....

Your beautiful mom's a major idol who's forced to pretend you're not her daughter to protect her image. You haven't cried for almost a decade now, because about ten years ago, a sweet boy promised to marry you if you stop being a crybaby and become strong and independent. You meet him again and it turns out, he's the son of your mom's agent who has, because of some circumstances, fortten about your "betrothal". To hide your identity as your loving mom's daughter, you live him, determined to make yourself be his. You own a cute little pet mokey. You are the cute and clumsy, Tamako Momono of the manga, PEARL PINK.

I have just read the 1st volume of Tokyopop's manga series by Meca Tanaka, and I am strating to fall for it. A shoujo of romance and comedy, you can't help but feel bubbly and at the same time laugh out loud! (Bwahahahahahaha!!!!)

Now, if only I can get my hands on volume two RIGHT NOW.

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