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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cool Enough to Skip Beat?!

This weekend I'm manga-crazy.

Here's another one (I found this one very interesting, though about slow on the romance):

What do you do when you overhear your narcissist, self-centered, childhood friend (whom you're stupidly in love with and has cooked, cleaned, and helped when he stubbornly moved from his parents' inn to the city to pursue acting) complains about you for being a plain,says that he only used you as a 'maid', and that he totally wants to get rid off you? (Not only that, he starts flirting with his manager, who's heck so much older than you!) The answer answer is you get ticked off--no, pissed off like h*ll!

Naturally, you want some oh so sweet revenge.

The only way to do so, however, is to beat him in show business.

You change your style and you fashion, and soon you get accepted in his company's rival, LME.

However, LME's president tells you what you lack: love. And without it, you can't even love your own work, much less your audience.

But, what can you do when your spiteful childhood friend has already sucked that love out of your heart?

All this happens to Kyoko Mogami of Yoshiki Nakamura's, Skip Beat!

Skip Beat is currently ongoing (I believe the most recent chapter is number 128.)
Read the shoujo series here.

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